New Tiny Tots Owner:
Carol Breslin

Carol Breslin

My name is Carol Breslin, and I am the new owner/director of Tiny Tots Playhouse. I’m sure you’re all wondering who I am, where I’ve come from, and what I’m all about. Here goes:


I’m married to Pat Breslin, and his family has a long history in the Connorsville area. We moved there permanently in June of 2014 from Rogers, MN. We have five children (no grandchildren as yet…), four boys and one girl, ages 25 to 33, and they are spread out - one in Fargo, one in the Twin Cities, one in Milwaukee, one in Maine, and one in the Navy currently stationed in San Diego, CA.


My professional background includes owning my own childcare business when my children were young. After they were all in school, I went out to work at ADP Hollander, a software development company for the Automotive Recycling Industry, where I was a Senior Manager of a Technical Support Call Center. After the call center was relocated to Ann Arbor, Michigan, I chose to stay in Minnesota near family rather than re-locate, so I opened another child care business in my home. I successfully helped raised 12 children to school age, and when it came to the point that they were growing up and needing me less, my husband and I decided that I should retire from the childcare business and we sold our home and moved to Connorsville. I still enjoy spending time with these kids whenever possible!


After two years of utter boredom, I ran across the sales ad for Tiny Tots Playhouse, and at first glance, I knew it was right for me! I have spent much of my life working with children, and I truly enjoy it – I honestly believe that creative play is critical to early child development.


As a non-profit, Tiny Tots is not able to sustain the cost of the building and the utilities on its own, so I will be supplementing the income by opening a childcare center over the next several months. I believe that Tiny Tots is a wonderful resource to the parents of Chippewa Valley children, and should be preserved as such. Because of the need to supplement income, open playtimes will be reduced to evenings and weekends, but they will still be every bit as fun!


I sincerely hope that Chippewa Valley Families will continue to enjoy Tiny Tots Playhouse as their go-to place for family fun and their premier children’s party venue!